"Data is the life blood of every transactional organization.  It is their commodity, which flows through their processes, ideally gaining value at each step, and ultimately provides the Customer the services at a level of quality that will delight them.


Data Quality and Analytics are important capabilities for all organizations and for larger organizations, require a highly coordinated system of policies, processes, educated staff, and enabling technology to function properly and add value for the Company and the Customer.

Leveraging Precipio Operating Model Excellence (OMx) Framework, we are able to quickly identify the areas in need of improvement or development and make the required advancements and connections between functions so the entire Value Chain operates as a system.

Controlling the quality of data from input, aggregation, cleaning, modification, and storage, to retrieval, analysis, modeling, summarizing, reporting, provisioning, and archiving, is necessary to enhance and extract value from corporate data and create a long term, reusable asset.

The enabling of corporate transformation initiatives, business unit projects, daily operations, strategy decisions, and financial outcomes reported are all affected by the flowing life-blood of company data."

Dr. Andrew Winter
CEO and Managing Director
Precipio, LLC