Precipio eLearning
Precipio eLearning grew out of decades of experience teaching and applying fundamental principles, systems and process thinking, and developing models to solve business, technical, service, and production problems across a wide range of clients in the public, private, and academic sectors globally.  The Precipio Partners decided to develop reusable assets from their collective experiences and make them available not only to their existing client teams, but to everyone via our Precipio Learning Management System.
The purpose of Precipio eCourses is to equip the learner with the same knowledge that has resulted in measurable financial performance, business performance, process performance, and knowledge with our clients over our years of service, and help them meet their challenges and achieve their goals.
Precipio eLearning Principles
  1. Provide the same world-class knowledge used by Precipio Partners with our clients to everyone that may benefit.
  2. Create content in a modular, self-directed, self-contained format, where each module covers only one subject, to the extent possible, to expedite the best learner experience.
  3. Offer Precipio's acclaimed, interactive instructional style to maximize understanding and learning transfer.
  4. Offer well organized, variable-depth learning to accommodate different learning objectives of inform/apply, lead/practition, and master/innovate.
  5. Back up all online learning with live, world-class experts who can answer learner questions, coach learners in applying their knowledge, and consult with learners about related topics or specific problems or opportunities.
Precipio eLearning Contacts and Developers
Dr. Jerry J. Mairani, Chief Learning Officer, Precipio, LLC, CA, USA
Dr. Andrew Winter, CEO and Managing Director, Precipio, LLC, MA, USA
Dr. Yvon Araktingi, Managing Partner and Consulting Master Black Belt, CA, USA
Eric Zvaniga, Managing Partner, CEO Idea People, Vancouver B.C., Canada