Global Media Company:  Established the operational model and integration plan for the Joint Venture of two major media organizations, leading to the successful launch of a brand new $100MM television and social media network.  Working with C-level and staff, execute working sessions, strategy development, process design and improvement, implementation and change management efforts across the parent companies and the JV.


Regional Medical Center:  Developed the 5 year Strategy and Operating Plan for a $2B Level 2 Trauma Regional Medical Center.  Working with the Board of Directors and the CEO and his staff, execute planning and working sessions to assess past performance, changes in the healthcare environment including impacts of the ACA, and operational goals of the trustees and senior leaders to develop the high level strategy and operational models to achieve the best patience-centered care.


Global Network Product and Services Corporation:  Led over 50 engagements to transform almost all divisions of corporation over 5 years. Examples include design of new Corporate Portfolio Management and Governance Process, a new Supply Chain Operating Model for Global Procurement, and a new Global Accounting Model.  Trained, Coached, and Led a project and transformation portfolio with financial impact > $2 billion over three years enabled by deep Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management capabilities.


Major Financial Institution:  Developed a Future State Operating Model and Transformation Roadmap for the Retail Lending Division to yield $500M in Revenue Growth over the next 5 years, $30M in quick wins, reduce the cost structure by 30%, and optimize the front and back office.


Major Pharmaceutical Company:  Conducted an Operations Strategy and Vision Review for a Marketing and Sales Operations Division, resulting in a new operating model which reduced turn-around time from 4 months to 4 weeks and increased flexibility by creating an additional 50% capacity.


Global Financial Institution:  Developed an attrition risk assessment model including comprehensive driver analysis and metrics development for a large, high-volume wealth-management business unit.


Major Financial Institution:  Provide overall direction and leadership for deployment of a Lean Six Sigma Program for a $7 B lending division, including strategic plan development, project selection, training, coaching, and profit growth.  Served as the business process engineering executive and lead Master Black Belt.  Delivered capability in 12 months with benefits exceeding $50M over 24 months.


Major US Federal Energy Program:  Provided overall direction and leadership for Quality Engineering and Manufacturing Operations for a $3.5B Department of Energy Program including development, oversight, and implementation of a Lean Six Sigma Quality System in the production and supply chain divisions.  Built the infrastructure from the ground up, creating new manufacturing and quality divisions, and served as the lead process Data Scientist.


Major Laser and Optical Products Enterprise:  Provided leadership for a team that rapidly grew from 50 to 400 senior managers, chemists, engineers, and technicians to establish and grow an optics manufacturing capability in a new division of a $100 M optical equipment and products company, completing projects that yielded > $1.7 M of new revenue in less than 6 months. Served as the Sales and Marketing Product Specialist for optical products.