Organizational Excellence Transformation, Strategy, and Execution

Identifying and Developing Business Value    


Precipio Management Consulting


Strategy and Business Operating Model Development
Strategy and Business Operating Models are transformed or created to support overall business objectives and optimal customer, partner, and supplier experience


Opportunity Assessment and Sizing

Business capabilities and infrastructure are evaluated against customer and business requirements to identify major areas of opportunity and approximate entitlement ($) for savings / revenue improvement


Vision Development and Structuring

Vision for the future state of operations is developed and an improvement plan is outlined, including business strategy and operating model


Business Case for Change Efforts

The return on investment analysis is completed to finalize ranking, strategic alignment, and resourcing of improvement activity


Leadership and Organizational Change Enablement

Strategic and operational organizational change requirements are assessed along with plan development, implementation and leadership consultation to ensure operational and strategic objective attainment.

Execution and Value Capitalization    



Project and Event Leadership, Execution, Coaching, and Follow Through

The improvement plan is executed and adjusted as needed including leading and coaching projects and Kaizen events, assessment of business impact, and communication of plan progress and results



Process Management Infrastructure

The infrastructure to enable sustained improvement is established or refined and connected to improvements


Quality Systems Infrastructure

The infrastructure to enable sustained and consistent product and service delivery is established or improved

Process and System Design Assessment and Reengineering
Creation and Optimization of process and system design to maximize process effectiveness and efficiency: drive the organization’s bottom line through properly applied organizational resources and reduced cycle times.

Enabling Capabilities



Corporate Training: Instructor Lead, Online Instructor Lead, Online Self-Paced

Management and Staff are equipped with the methods, tools, and knowledge to accelerate process improvement execution, exercise the process management infrastructure, and embed operating excellence capabilities directly into the business - Complete business training catalog available through Precipio College

Operational Performance Excellence
Leadership, Guidance, and Training including Performance / Operations Excellence, Business Program / Project Execution, BPM, LEAN Six Sigma Executive Overview, Champion, Green, Black, and Master Black Belt Training


Train the Coaches

Equip the business with internal project coaching / leadership skills


Train the Trainer

Equip the business with internal Six Sigma training skills


Quality Systems / ISO

Quality Systems strength test / ISO Readiness test


Technology Services

Coordinate, develop, and refine operations excellence data infrastructure


R & D / Technical Consulting

Analytics or Design to address specific technical, scientific, or operations challenges


Voice of the Customer

Enable capture and assessment of customer requirements and expectations

 Precipio Innovation, a division of Precipio, LLC
Precipio Innovation, LLC provides:
-   experiment / testing design and development services
-   product readiness and testing services
-   fundamental and applied research services
-   advanced R & D services & computational research services